Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review: Sex Tape

Sex Tape, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, is a simple story of a married couple who want to rekindle the flames of their once very active sex life.  Their children and the obligations of life have exhausted them to the point of an almost platonic relationship. 
Cameron Diaz gets an offer from Parker Brothers CEO (Rob Lowe).  Feeling celebratory, she has her mother take the kids for the night so that she and her husband have time alone.  They end up getting drunk and making a sex tape with his new Ipad.  They use the book, The Joy of Sex, as the basis for their recording by attempting the various sexual positions.  Segel "syncs" the tape instead of deleting it, sending it to all of his old Ipads which he gave away to family and friends.  Not realizing that he can delete the tape through his online cloud account, he systematically collects all of the Ipads he has given away.  Eventually he gets to the son of his best friends who blackmails him, claiming to have copied and uploaded the tape onto an online sex video site.  

SPOILER ALERT: (Not really an alert because the movie is so predictable.) Segel and Diaz rekindle the flames in their marriage without any real harm done to their reputations.
My review:
Diaz and Segel are likable characters with chemistry.  I liked them in Bad Teacher.  The movie has a hard "R" rating, showing the two in convincing sexual positions.  Diaz still has a body to die for and Segel is not too bad either.  
The movie is filled with the same old cliches about marriage.  The laughs are few and far in between.  My favorite character is Rob Lowe who takes the part of the CEO of Parker Brothers and becomes Diaz's boss.  The funniest scene in the movie happens when Diaz and Segel who up at Rob Lowe's under phony circumstances with the goal of getting back an old Ipad they had given to him.  Lowe originally came off as a wholesome guy in the movie, but turned out to be a heavy-metal, Disney loving coke-head.  Segel had some funny scenes with Lowe's attack German Shepherd.  After the scene at Lowe's house, the film dragged on as they continued to cover their tracks by collecting the Ipads and then getting the movie removed from the Internet.  The movie was a light-hearted comedy that held my interest, but would recommend it for PayPerView or free once dumped onto a premium cable channel.  3.5 Stars.

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