Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrity throat cancer? Who makes HPV vaccines?

First Michael Douglas, and then Jamie Dimon-celebrity throat cancer from performing cunnilingus.  No worries, it's the "curable" kind.  Michael Douglas is best known for his acting, especially his role as Gordon Geco in Wall Street.  Dimon is head of JP Morgan.

The kind of throat cancer these gentlemen were diagnosed with is caused by HPV.  Heterosexual men who give oral sex are more at risk for getting HPV because of vaginal secretions discharged in the mouth.  Around 80 million Americans have HPV (human papilloma virus), but 90% of them have their immune systems clear up the virus.  The other not-so-lucky people who are infected must receive treatment.  Women who get this virus (through sex) might be at risk for cervical cancer.
Some believe HPV vaccines might prevent the kind of throat cancer that Dimon and Douglas have, which would be a huge boom for HPV manufacturers.  Girls get the vaccine around age twelve.  If proven to work and be effective in protecting men from HPV, then boys would also get the vaccine.
So who is manufacturing HPV vaccines?  Merck manufactures Gardasil and GlaxoSmithKline manufactures Cervarix.  Merck is very proactive in acquiring vaccines.  They recently acquired Idenix, a pharmaceutical company, for $3.85 billion.  They have three different kinds of hepatitis C viruses in the pipeline.  
My friend, Frank Fontaine, dropped me another email about this subject.  He was most curious about whether or not Douglas or Dimon have stock in Merck or GSK, or if they have friends with stock.  That I couldn't tell you, but nevertheless wonder.  Celebrities speaking out against their problems attached to going down on women make me suspicious.  It's of course a great advertisement for Merck and GSK.  Interesting topic for all of you cynics out there.  Please leave a comment-love to hear your thoughts and views. 

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