Saturday, December 28, 2013

Conspiracy Theory: Part 3-Target's Security Nightmare Continues

Target security breach continues to escalate. Yes, right here on my little blog you read about it first. James Martin believed Target was violating his privacy because they zapped his driver's license when checking his age for a wine purchase and then bam! A few days later we all knew that Target compromised its customers' information. At least 40 million admitted customers are in jeopardy of getting scammed by hackers. They say the pin numbers for cash advances are encrypted which supposedly is a good thing. But can't pin numbers be decrypted? Why aren't they talking about the other credit cards that were used? What about all of the information they obtained from scanning other people's driver's licenses? They say the Federal government has stepped in to handle the mess-the Federal Trade Commission to be exact. Interesting choice... Target lured shoppers into signing up for their credit/debit cards by giving 5% discount. It's a small price to pay for everyone's information. Could this be an inside job? Could this be a trial run for quicker and easier ways to gain personal information? Store loyalty cards-credit cards might already be hooked up with the government. Didn't we learn anything about Verizon and Google? Could this story be more than meets the eye? Leave a comment.

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