Thursday, December 19, 2013

Conspiracy Rant Part II: The Plot Thickens with Target...

No, James Martin and I are not psychic.  It was here at dinaraeswritestuff that you read it FIRST-check the posting below!  Target is OUT OF CONTROL!  I retold my friend's story about how they basically wanted his most personal information (zapped his driver's license) when he tried to pay cash for an ordinary bottle of wine.  Two days later Target got busted for a security breach that may lead to identity theft.
Target credit and debit cards were compromised throughout this Christmas season.  Besides the card, add in all of the driver's licenses that were zapped with the scanner and voila-a MAJOR PRIVACY VIOLATION!  A rough estimate counts 10 million customers fell victim to identity fraud.  This is not Target's first security breach.  In 2009 they paid 9.75 million dollar settlement.  Those of you who have shopped at Target and used credit cards or gotten your license zapped I urge you to check your statement and call the credit card company.  May your personal business stay private.

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