Monday, May 28, 2018

RABT Presents: Keys to Success from a Completely Unsuccessful Person by J. Cunningham

Excerpt 1
Success is not an accident.
I mean, it can totally be an accident, if you’re born into a wealthy family or win the lottery or something then it can definitely be an accident, but actual standard everyday can’t-buy that- online success is something that most of people will need to
work towards.

And it is very rare in this world, this success thing, to see someone with the fortitude, the aptitude, the cajones if you will, to be successful and continually being successful like me.
You see, success isn’t just the coming together of numerous serendipitous factors in some grand and awesome fashion. Success is a set of behaviors and a mindset that will allow you to truly become successful.

I will explain this further later, but for now, you may be wondering, what does success mean? I mean success could mean many things to many people in many places or situations. Is it
even definable??

Well success means freedom. It is the freedom to say or do whatever you want without concern. It means doing the things you don’t want to do when you want to do them. Success is the ability to have fun and travel to expensive locations on private jets and eat the best foods and drink the best drinks with all the famous
people. Success is receiving VIP treatment when you walk into a concert, or bar, or speakeasy, or some fun event and not having to wait in line with the rest of everyone less successful than you are.

B: Success is also choice. Would you like the grey Maserati or the blue one? Well why not both??

Lastly, success makes you feel awesome!

“Look at me and my two Maseratees! Aren’t I the cat’s pajamas?!”

Doesn’t all this sound like fun?

That’s because it is fun! And I know this because I’m successful, and I get to do fun stuff like this all the time in my successful life. And whether you know it or not, success is something that you can achieve as well and turn into a reality for yourself.

Thankfully, I’m your guide to awesomeness. I’m your mistress of joie de vivre. Your travel planner to the city of Successtown! In other words, in order to help get you there, I am here to help get you there. I am gonna show you the way to find your success and unlock what you really most likely have inside of

you already but just aren’t’ able to properly work out yourself!

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