Monday, January 15, 2018

NWO on the Horizon: Property Grab in Line with UN Resolution

I've blogged about this before, and thanks to Frank Fontaine, I am blogging about this again.  UN Agenda 21 basically states that private ownership of property will soon be a thing of the past.  
First we had the 2008 "crisis" with lots of bankruptcies.  Then there was the explosion of reverse mortgages, a process in which the bank pays the homeowner-they are buying the home back for a fraction of the price.  And now, once again, we have another innovative way to entice homeowners to allow the banksters and Big Brother ways of taking one's home.  Before I explain, let me rehash the U.N. Agenda.

Agenda 21: First off, this is (for now) a voluntary plan that suggests ways to sustain governments, natural resources, and fight poverty for the 21st Century, hence the name of the agenda.  It was discussed back in '92 at a U.N. Conference in Brazil.  It's goal is to 'sustain' the world which means that a globalized government will control property as well as everything else all in the name of protecting us from ourselves.  Many conservative conspiracy theorists believe this is also a way, like Hitler's Final Solution, to kill the majority of the population so that we can sustain the globe.  The agenda has many disturbing elements to it, including the land grab.  BTW-George Soros has funded many off-shoot groups as a response.  Conspiracy theorists know full well that he is involved, then something is fishy.
So far, we have had some so-called voluntary ways a home and property owners could give up their land as previously explained, but this new way is even more terrifying.  
In an article of Dallas Morning News, the author explains a new way to 'help' out older people in need of property tax relief.  With Trump's new tax plan, one can deduct up to 10K dollars of property tax, an amount that isn't much in high tax areas such as the East Coast, Illinois, California, and Texas.  There is now a program in twenty-four states called property tax deferral program.  Seniors can defer all or some of their taxes each year.  In return, the local government can put a lien on the house for the dollar amount that was deferred after the seniors sell or die.  The amount of taxes would be taken at the closing of the sale.  Of course there would be interest charged onto the senior.  Sound to good to be true?  It is.  If the government really wanted to help seniors, how about charging them a fractional amount of their property tax?  That would make too much sense and no one would make any money or take property away with that idea.
Once again, the transfer of wealth per each generation gets smaller.  Millennials already have enough of a burden paying back their student loans.  Now they can look forward to the government getting a huge chunk, if not all, of their inheritance.  This will get rid of a lot of property owners, leaving the middle class in free fall.  It's a brave new world.  Soon Agenda 21 will gets its way.  Be paranoid, but be prepared.  Comments always appreciated!


Ronda Tutt said...

Oh how irritating and disgusting I’ve become over this growing big government we have. I remember my mom thinking that she’d do that program of the government buying back her house - LOL My brother and I talked her out of that scam and we sold her house and put her in a motor home and then told her to spend her money because no one needed any inheritance for the govt to take away. I even told my kids there’d be no inheritance except for maybe some personal things but no money. I told them I’d buy them things while I was alive.

To think that the UN can come in and buy American land should be against the law. Truthfully I’m praying that the stupidity of the liberals will just kill each other off or cause North Korea to go ahead and shoot their missle. Sounds mean but with all the ignorance we have in government and in these liberal sanctionaries, honestly their is no fixing the mess and if their aren’t enough of us normal people to stop this madness then it’s better off to just destroy the earth to keep the NWO from creating their own elite world.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die or really kill anyone but killing the idea of the NWO or stopping the idea of the NWO will be challenging and begs the question - are their enough normal patriotic human beings left to stop the NWO and their agenda.

The land grabbing is their first steps, division amongst the people is currently happening right now. I only see failure unless someone kills off a bunch of liberals LOL

At any rate, talking about this may wake people up. The more truth and exposure of the NWO agenda, the better chances we as a society have in fighting their take over.

Great post!
Love your post

Dina Rae said...

Thanks for stopping by! Agree that NWO is a major threat to the world!

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