Thursday, July 13, 2017

Book Review: Brad Meltzer's House of Secrets

I bought this book because I like Brad Meltzer's TV show and thought I would like his novels.  House of Secrets is about Jack Nash who hosts a TV show much like Brad's-a documentary style investigation about conspiracy theories and historical mysteries. Jack recruits his seven year old son, Skip, to co-star on the show after the ratings start to tank.  
As the years roll on, Skip and his sister, Hazel, lose their father in a deadly car accident.  They begin to suspect foul play.  A mystery involving Benedict Arnold and his Bible comes into play.  Hazel, who was in the car with her father, cannot remember anything due to a mild form of amnesia.  Clue by clue she unlocks her old memories as well as her dad's secret past.

My Review: Meltzer has a page-turning style that sucked me in right away.  I really liked the history about Benedict Arnold.  I also liked his tongue and cheek style about the main character's TV show.  The irony is not lost.  
For the most part, the story meshed.  There were a few moments that confused me, but then I tend to read at night and then fall asleep.  I recommend this book to all history and mystery lovers.  I will definitely be buying another Meltzer book.  4/5 Stars

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