Friday, June 23, 2017

Review: Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie begins with a young Diana who lives on an island of all women.  Her mother is a queen and she gets trained to fight.  Later on, she is told that she needs to fight Ares, the god of war.  After saving a man whose plane crashes on her island, Diana brings him back to England and then sets out to fight during World War I.

My Review:  The first half of this movie was excellent.  I found Diana Prince's childhood very entertaining.  There were many references to Greek mythology that drew me in.  I also liked the scenes of Diana and the soldier she saved returning to England and getting ready to find Ares at the heart of the war.  The movie fizzles out a little towards the end when Wonder Woman fights Ares during the war.  I also didn't understand why a Native American Indian was in the cast when it took place in France.  Wonder Woman's outfit was not like the one Linda Carter wore back in the day.  The new Wonder Woman has a gold German eagle that is sewn on the top of the costume.  Someone got the symbolism wrong.  The special effects were great and the actress was gorgeous.  There were a lot of spectacular action scenes.  I recommend watching this in a theater.  4/5 Stars

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Callie Lorenzo said...

I am SO not a super hero movie fan but I LOVED Wonder Woman (I even decided to write my essay on it). The best action movies feature characters you care about and believe. And this movie excels at both. When I tell my friends I loved this movie, they are skeptical. But I promise, the performances of Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are wonderful. The scene in which Wonder Woman climbs up out of the WWI trenches to charge across No Man's Land and tackle a German machine gun nest---that alone is worth the price of your ticket.

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