Saturday, May 27, 2017

Frank Fontaine Stops By: Seth Rich Conspiracy

Seth Rich was a 27 year old Democratic Clinton staffer who was shot down dead last summer during the presidential election.  He was scheduled to talk or maybe even testify about the Democratic Primaries.  Some believe he was going to talk about how Clinton screwed Bernie out of rightfully winning.  The police reported the crime as a robbery and then the story went away.  Clinton briefly used it as an example for gun control, the end.  In recent days, the story is making a comeback. 

 Apparently, there is much, much, much more to it.  Conspiracy buffs like me are glued to the news.  Although I have seen a few news shows bring up the crime and have read a few articles on the Internet, OAN really spelled it out yesterday on their news program.  Most of the odd details that I am listing comes from that news show.  The show's host flashed a disclaimer and some other legalese before reporting the story. In summary, I'd like to share some of the mind-blowing points what I watched on OAN.
1) Seth was robbed on the street, but nothing was taken-no money, no jewelry, nothing.  He was shot twice in the back.  His laptop in his home was missing.  He reportedly talked to his girlfriend for two hours starting from 2:05AM.  That would place the murder after 4:00AM.
2) Seth left a nearby bar.  The police never contacted the bar for video surveillance tape.
3) Julian Assange from Wikileaks had hinted that Seth was his source for the email dump that might have influenced the election.  Kim Dotcom, a friend of Assange, also claimed that Rich was leaking Clinton emails.
4) Seth was having problems with another Democrat, Donna Brazille-to refresh your memories, she is the one who fed Hillary the questions before a debate and then had to step down from her DNC post.
5) The policeman on the scene went to Georgetown while Podesta taught there.  His wife works for the democratic party in a high position.  
6) Somehow Donna Brazille was involved.  She had a phone call in to the police after it happened.
7) The original emergency physician said that Rich was shot in the back in a non-life-threatening manner.  The young man's care was turned over to another physician.
8) Seth's family had initially wanted the case solved, but now they have hired a professional democrat crisis manager who refuses to make any democratic connections.  No one knows who is paying him to be the family's mouthpiece.  They have told the conservative media to back off of the case.
9) FYI: The last physician to treat Seth had visited the Obama Whitehouse numerous times.  He was heavily involved with the Democratic party.  Capone, the owner of the bar, also had visited the Obama Whitehouse.

Is your head spinning?  Mine was when I watched this.  If it's true and the Democrats or Clinton herself had Seth killed, then that opens up quite a can of worms.  If Seth gave Wikileaks all of the emails, how would Russia still be part of throwing the U.S. election?  Obviously, Russia hacking into Clinton's emails would no longer make sense.  If Seth was killed for whistle blowing, how many others faced the same destiny?
I am not a Republican, just a skeptic on all politicians.  Although there is no "real" proof, the coincidences keep adding up to some real connections that the police who want all of this to go away just can't.  Dina, thanks again for letting me rant.  
Frank Fontaine

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