Friday, April 7, 2017

Frank Fontaine: Rant on Trump/Missiles/Syria

Does the U.S. really give a rat's ass about what Assad does to his people?  That's what the media wants us to believe.  Videos of gassed up children and other civilians are unsettling, but what about all of the other monster tyrants killing their own throughout the world?  

1. First off, I voted for Trump because I liked some of his ideas and he wasn't part of the establishment.  One of the ideas I most agreed with is this-trillions of dollars pissed away in the Middle East and we got jack-shit out of it.  Trump promised that we wouldn't get involved.  Trump said that the Saudis or the Israelis or the Jordanians, etc. could pay for the violence in their own backyards.  Hmmm....Guess that was campaign talk.  
2. If we get rid of Assad, who do we replace him with? One of the rebels (a.k.a. al-Qaeda and/or ISIS)?  Is getting rid of one monster in the land of chaos really going to clean house?  The Who song comes to mind-Meet the New Boss/Same as the Old Boss....  When we got rid of Saddam Hussein, was Iraq the perfect image of democracy?  
3. I thought that Trump found the Syrians too dangerous to allow into the U.S.  If they are dangerous (and I actually believe that they are), then why are we trying to defend some of them?  Which is it? Helpless victims or dangerous terrorists?  
4. If John McCain and Lindsay Graham think getting involved in Syria is a good idea, then you know it's a BAD idea!  We all know they belong to the defense industry.
5. This is not our problem and we are twenty trillion dollars in debt.  Let someone else figure it out.  If Russia wants to deal with the headache, then why are we standing in their way?  

Lastly, this is a SCAM!  FYI Readers-A few days ago Assad decreed that the country will not use foreign currency in their commercial transactions.  That means they will not use the U.S. dollar.  As always, follow the money and you get the real story.  To expand on this 'all that matters is money' theory, I want to bring up Hussein again.  In 2000 (right before 9-11) Hussein attempted to convert US dollars for commercial transactions into Euros.  Look what happened to him-he was all of a sudden deemed a monster.  Mummar Qaddafi is another example.  Before his overthrow and violent death, he wanted a new gold-backed dinar currency to replace the U.S. dollar.  Again, Libya became another U.S. interest with another 'monster' running it.  
My point is this-the Middle East is a culture that thinks democracy is a complete and utter joke.  It goes against their beliefs and way of life.  Our involvement represents colonial interference and make them hate us more.  They especially resent using the U.S. dollar.
Dina, thanks for having me!  Hope to hear a comment.
Frank Fontaine


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