Sunday, January 8, 2017

Book Review: The Atlantis Plague

The Atlantis Plague is the second book of the Atlantis Gene trilogy by A.G. Riddle.  The sequel has most of the characters from the first book.  Doctor Kate Warner is trying to stop a world plague, but soon learns that there is more to it while studying autistic children in Spain.  Her stepfather, Martin, seems secretive about a cure for the world plague, but he has his reasons.  David Vale is trapped on an alien ship in Antarctica.  Dorian kills him several times, but someone keeps resurrecting him.  Eventually our heroes join forces with an alien and figure out a way to save mankind through a time machine and genetic mutations.
My Review: I loved the first book, The Atlantis Gene.  This book is not as good.  I like the research the author uses.  He has a lot of original ideas on plague, alien interference with our humanity, and time travel.  The general story is fascinating.  
My biggest criticism is mainly with the pacing of the story.  For me, it moves way to quickly, leaving me confused half of the time. There are so many action scenes which added to my to my confusion.  Overall, too fast of a ride.  3/5 Stars

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