Sunday, September 4, 2016

911: Conspiracies You Might Not Know About By Frank Fontaine

With 911 right around the corner, Dina asked me to share.  As a retired fireman, the day was personal. Most of you probably know about the following:

1) Jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel in a skyscraper.
2) Put options bought on the fall of stock on AA and United Airlines.  (Osama bin Laden was said to have profited.)
3) How NORAD was supposedly told to stand down.
4) 4000 Jewish employees took the day off.
5) The odd collapse of Building 7 later on that day.
6) The survival of some of the terrorists' passports.  And speaking of terrorists, some of them were supposedly alive and well, seen in different countries.
Pennsylvania crash, Flight 93-
7) A hole filled with charcoal.
8) One witness saw a mushroom cloud.
9) The mayor of the town said he heard a missile.
10) Faked calls from passengers who supposedly took down the hijackers and made them crash the plane.
Pentagon, Flight 77-
11) No evidence the plane crashed into the building.
12) The hole from the plane was much too small to be from a plane.
13) The pilot performed an odd loop to hit the end of the Pentagon that was undergoing construction and very few people were at.
14) There was no damage from the plane's wings.
15) Hardly any debris was found from the plane.  A wheel rim from the 757 jet didn't match and a panel wasn't the same color blue from American Airlines.
16) The glass from the street light was right next to the light and should have been several yards away.
17) Was there a plane? No bodies, luggage, seats, along with plane parts.
18) Videos from the Pentagon, a nearby gas station and hotel were never released to the public.  Why?
19) No Arabs were on the passenger list.
20) What happened according to the black boxes?

Did you know that 911 might have been planned by a group called Project for a New American Century?  Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bolton (from Fox News), Perle, and many other famous names within Bush's circle of advisers wanted American dominance in the Middle East.  They needed a "Pearl Harbor-esque" moment and 911 fit the bill.  They also needed to send our troops to Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. They got two out of three. What I could never understand was this-If a bunch of Saudis declared war on us by the 911 attack, then why did we go to Iraq?  Afghanistan sort of makes sense because that was there they supposedly were hiding, but why Hussein?  Why was Saudi Arabia spared?   Yes, I am being rhetorical.  Sounds like another element of New World Order.
Dina, thanks for having me!  Loved The Best Seller!
Love to hear from you, Frank Fontaine

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