Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ted Cruz: Self-Proclaimed Outsider or Ultimate Insider

I never heard of Ted Cruz until I moved to Texas.  He famously led the twenty-one hour speech on the Senate floor in protest to Obamacare.  Pundits all said his speech wouldn't change anything so it was quite obvious then as it is now that the only reason he made it was to get noticed.  Ted Cruz obviously had presidential plans since his entrance into Washington politics.  I think he's a very intelligent guy who talks a good game, but there was always something about him that I could never put my finger on...  Was it the holier than thou attitude?  The constant theatrical way he talked whether being interviewed or giving a speech?  Was it his plastic smile?  There is something just phony about him, and there are enough phonies already in Washington.  He claims to be the ultimate outsider.  This is perhaps the biggest lie he has told to date.  Here is a public list that is circulating around Facebook and Twitter of who Ted and Heidi Cruz are:

1) Ted's ties to the Bush Family-Neil Bush recently endorsed him.  Now there's someone you want an endorsement from-NOT!  Some say as much as 1.5 billion was swindled under the supposed S and L crisis while his daddy was VP.  He of course got away with it despite his obvious involvement.  He loaned millions and millions of dollars out to people who never paid it back.  (Hmmm...Kick-back time?  Neil never was investigated)  Neil's wife claimed to have known Hinckley (the guy who shot Reagan) but later recanted.  Neil also was involved with Chinese prostitutes during a deal with China. 
2) Cruz was also George W. Bush's top advisor during his 2000 presidential run.
3) Cruz was given zero interest "loans" by Citicorp and Goldman Sachs for his campaign-details to these loans are sketchy.  Remember Goldman Sachs's involvement in the real estate crash of 2008?

4) Heidi Cruz met Ted while working for Bush as an economic advisor.  Her career is the most telling of the two of them.  She was a member of the Council of Foreign Relations or CFR.  New World Order conspiracy buffs point to this group of people as globalists who have a covert agenda of selling America out and forming a one world government.  Her committee has held talks about forming a North American Union (US, Mexico, and Canada).  This explains the lack of borders.  BTW-Queen Hillary was also on this commission.
5) A group called 'anonymous' is claiming that Cruz was a regular at a Washington brothel.  (This could easily be rumor and so far not proven.)
Comments?  Love to hear from you.  This article was inspired by the talented, beautiful, and amazing Queen Tutt!

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