Thursday, March 24, 2016

Frank Fontaine Stops By: New World Order Rant

Frank Fontaine
I can no longer keep silent and need a place to vent.  Thank you, Dina Rae, for giving me a platform to scream NEW WORLD ORDER is here!!!!!  Some of you who read this might be asking yourself what the hell I am talking about.  Well, to keep it short, New World Order is a theory about a group of people most commonly called the elite who are secretly running the world.  They want to condense it all under a one world government.  Why?  For power, wealth, and some would say to show allegiance to Satan.  Sounds crazy, right?

Ever since I read Dina's first book and my all time favorite book, The Last Degree (2012), I knew she was onto something.  She turned my suspicions into fanaticism.  So who are the elite?  How do they plan to create a one world government?  Here is a quick list of how it all works.
George Soros (he funds wars, protest groups like Black Lives Matter, and John Kasich's compaign to name a few)
Rothchilds and Warburgs: Run the banks.  Rothchilds own Federal Reserve.
Rockefellers: Huge contributions to medicine and colleges.
Vatican City: Priceless relics and wealth beyond keeping track of-use scare tactics to keep the world ready for take over-Example: Pope Francis telling all to open borders because it's the Christian thing to do.
Other noteworthy players: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, the English Monarchy, Royal Saudi Family, and Warren Buffet.

What are they trying to do?
Create a one world government.  
Europe is the best example-European Union has a set of laws that supercede individual country laws.  Europe is allowing itself to dissolve by encouraging Syrian/Middle Eastern immigrants to enter and live in their cities.  Sweden has also invented a chip that is used as identification for a corporation.  Hmm, Hand or forearm will receive the mark of the beast... to paraphrase Revelation.
United States: Our democratic process is a joke.  On the Democratic side, we got super-delegates who can ignore the votes of the people and vote for who they want, and they want Hillary.  She is their "yes" woman and help create the right atmosphere for a one world government.
On the Republican side they have unpledged delegates that aren't used as often as the Democrats.  However, they just run campaigns against candidates they do not like and then hopefully have a convention and pick their "yes" man.  John Kasich just got hundreds of millions from George Soros so obviously he is a New World Order guy.  And if doesn't win, then they would rather have Hillary win to keep the gravy train going.
Cruz and Trump are perceived as loose cannons to the "establishment" or those who work for the elite.  Trump is a self-funder, so that is a possibility.  Cruz is very much an insider despite his claims.  Neil Bush (remember him-pissed away a billion or two during the S and L crisis) endorsed him as well as Jeb Bush. Yeah, Ted is a real outsider.  He is funded by Big Oil, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, and Citibank!  To add onto my disdain for 'Lying Ted', Heidi Cruz used to have a lucrative career at Goldman Sachs.
My rant to be continued......

Thanks, Frank!
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Ronda Tutt said...

You are right on Frank. I loved Dina's book and I thought the same thing when I read it years ago. And now with everything happening with these elections, my mind is spinning and thinking back to this book - The Last Degree.

Personally I think we are screwed it Trump doesnt get elected. I think Cruz would sell out after you throw a much of money in his face. Now if a democrat gets elected then oh boy, get ready for either marshal law or a revolution in our own country and that's if the Muslim terrorist dont destroy us before then.

Thank you for your rant. This Disabled Veteran is definitely worried about our country and refuse to go down without a fight. My son was just deployed to Germany, he is actually doing a 3 month training first at Ft Hood but will be headed to Germany to help out with the refugees. I'm so sick of all this crap and I blame Obom-fk-head for it all.

Ronda Tutt
aka: Queentutt

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