Sunday, February 7, 2016

End of Days: Is This the Beginning of One World Religion?

This was a crazy week of news that most of the general population did not get.  My mother, Frank Fontaine, and the highlights of the Jack Van Impe Show prompted me to write this post.  As a Christian, I pay attention to prophecy that matches the politics of the day.  As most Christians believe, New World Order (a one world government) will set the stage for the anti-Christ to take over.  He will not be alone.  A side kick of sorts, the false prophet, will help him reign.  Most believe this side kick will be in charge of a one world religion.  So how in the world can there ever be a one world religion, especially with ISIS's zero tolerance for other religions?

Wheaton College (Wheaton, Illinois): Billy Graham went to this college.  He has a museum inside of it that displays his amazing life dedicated to God.  No one has ever claimed that Billy Graham tried to rewrite the Bible.  No one has ever claimed that Wheaton College tried to rewrite the Bible...until now.
Political Science Professor Larycia Hawkins used Facebook to post that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.  She stands in religious "solidarity" with other Christians and Muslims in her belief in God.  She claims she gets this from the Pope who said late in 2015 that Christians and Muslims were brothers and sisters.  Hawkins did not get fired, but she is leaving the college.

Hawkins isn't inventing this idea that God is also the same God in the Koran.  Unfortunately, Pope Francis is making favorable comparisons.  He validates the Koran, putting it equal to the Bible while preaching religious tolerance.  In a controversial quote below, he states that both faiths should merge.
"We can accomplish miraculous things in the world by merging our faiths, and the time for such a movement is now. No longer shall we slaughter our neighbors over differences in reference to their God.”
The Pope is meeting with Muslim leaders later this month in the name of religious tolerance.  Will all of the murders and beheadings be mentioned?  The pope is also meeting with the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cuba to mend fences that caused the split centuries ago.  This pope spends a lot of time sucking up to other religions instead of preaching the Bible.Why is he so interested in 'getting along with other religions?  It's all part of the big picture-End of Days.  I wrote about this four years ago in my novel  The Last Degree.

Pope Francis was predicted to be the last pope by Malachi hundreds of years ago.  This Irish monk has a near perfect record in picking his pontiff predictions.  Is Francis really the last pope?  Does he want to form a one world religion?  

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