Sunday, January 3, 2016

George Dalton's Holding on to a Dream of Dreams-Review

Dalton's Holding on to a Dream is a sequel to Collision of Dreams.  Sam McClanton is back.  The first book left off with a happy ending.  Sam marries the woman of his dreams, Mattie, and they have a baby.  In the sequel he loses his wife but has a son.  He meets a new woman, Sally Jo, and eventually finds love again.  During the story many exciting things happen-he loses  his cow herd, gets scammed by a hustler, his best friend/ranch hand Juan almost dies, and his financial situation is grim.  Not to ruin the ending, but it's a happy one despite the curve balls that life throws him.

My Review:  I really like George's writing.  He knows how to tell a story and has a knack for slipping in a piece of history here and there without bogging the reader down.  Like the first book, I learned so many new things.  For instance, I now know what a bear sign is (donut) and the primitive ways doctors performed surgeries.  George deftly includes the problems with the fragile banking system of the wild west and the problems of the rancher.  The story has an undercurrent of faith in God.  As a Christian, it's nice to see the power of prayer in a novel.  I am not a fan of the western genre, but am a fan of Mr. Dalton and his cowboy, Sam.  I recommend this to anyone who likes to learn about the West back in the day while being entertained at the same time.  5/5 Stars

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