Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is the Pope Legit? Not According to Malachy

Google "Pope" and "Anti-Christ" for fun.  Thousands of articles come up in regards to Pope Francis.  Many believe he is the anti-Christ, or at least the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation.  His negative remarks about capitalism and strange interest in global warming seem to trump talking about the Christian beheadings in the Middle East.  He has made many comments that strongly align with New World Order.  He also seems to be a fan of merging religions in the name of peace.  Last year he opened the Vatican door to Muslim prayers.  Was the Left Behind series really a modern day prophecy?
Pope Francis has been under scrutiny since elected Pope in March of 2013.  The circumstances were extraordinary. His predecessor, Pope Benedict, resigned from this post, making Benedict the first pope to resign in 600 years.  Many conspiracies state Pope Benedict could not take the deception of the Vatican Bank or mounting pedophilia scandals, but who knows the real reason. There was a tell-all butler in some of these stories, but he has disappeared from the headlines.

Before Pope Francis was even the Pope, many were suspicious because of an ancient prophecy.  Malachy, a 12th century Irish bishop who was later declared St. Malachy, predicted Peter the Roman would be the last pope before The End of the World.  Pope Francis's father was Peter of Pietro and was from Italy before the family moved to Argentina.  
For the last 900 years Malachy batted a thousand in terms of pope predictions.  He had a vision on his way to Rome that enabled him to name every pope, 112 total, who would rule until Pope #113 also known as the last pope before The End.

It's only natural for Doomsday preachers to place a microscope on Pope Francis.  This pope adds plenty of ammunition to conspiracy theory.  Some of the liberal/out-of-the-Catholic-box examples the new pope has done and said are as follows:
1) The Pope stated that Catholics are too "obsessed" with abortion and gay marriage.
2) The Pope sympathizes with Communism and Socialism.
3) The Pope appears to condone a one-world religion-Chrislam. (Conference at Vatican last November as an example when he opened the door for Muslim prayers and Jewish leaders)
4) The pope recently stated that animals go to heaven despite backing that up with scripture.
5) The Pope stated that evolution theory does not conflict with Bible.
6) The Pope has a political agenda involving global warming.
That's quite a list for a pope who has been in power for less than two years.  
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