Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Book Review: Brad Thor's Hidden Order

This novel is one of Thor's Navy Seal/CIA/Private Security Scot Harvath series.  You don't have to read all of Thor's books to get into this novel.  He briefly reiterates Scot's biography and other continuing characters.  Each novel is not reliant on the other novels of the series.

In Hidden Order, Scot Harvath is hired by the Federal Reserve to quietly track down a killer.  The Federal Reserve wants to hire an "outsider" to lead the board, but their candidates keep winding end up brutally murdered.  The Federal Reserve believes that the murderers are part of a terrorist organization who want the Federal Reserve to dissolve.  Each murder leaves several clues throughout history that focus on the nefarious beginnings and dealings of the Federal Reserve dating all the way back to the Boston Tea Party.  Scot Harvath eventually figures out who is behind the murders and finds the time for love with a cop in Boston.
My Review: I am a huge fan of Brad Thor.  Like all of his novels, he deftly inserts interesting conspiracy theories that have been around throughout history.  In Hidden Order, I learned that the Federal Reserve is not a governmental entity.  I also learned that the Robber Baron's of the 1800s rigged the banking rules to keep borrowers at the mercy of the banks.  
Many people feel that the Federal Reserve has no place in America or the world and has somehow managed to get involved on a global level with exception to a few countries such as Iran and Iraq.  I loved how Thor went back as far as the American Revolution by inserting the public statements our forefathers thought about centralized banking.
Thor kept his main character, Scot Harvath, consistent in dialogue and motivation.  Besides the bank conspiracies, I really liked his humor throughout the book.  The characters made many smart-ass comments.  Thor did his homework once again and presented an entertaining novel packed with fascinating facts!  The only criticism that I has was this-the resolution of the story seemed confusing and filled with holes.  Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who likes conspiracy theories.  4/5 Stars

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Joann Downie said...

I loved this book, I just discovered this book at our library, where you can get 3 paperbacks for $1, and I loved it!! I also just finished The First Commandment!1

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