Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Conspiracy Theory: FBI Planes Are Watching You!

Frank Fontaine has been keeping up with his conspiracy theories.  He recently sent me information found on a multitude of websites regarding FBI planes.  These planes have been surveilling thirty major cities in eleven states such as Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles over the last month.  They are equipped with very sophisticated technology that can take pictures, videos, and suck up cellphone information from the air.  They supposedly use Stingray, a device that some police departments also use to obtain information from cellphone conversations.  Although the FBI has not received permission from any judge, they claim they are monitoring specific areas for ongoing investigations.

Reports claim that over one hundred flights have taken place throughout the U.S. over the last month.  The FBI set up phony companies with alphabetical sounding names such as FVX Research, NBR Aviation, PXW Services, and KQM Aviation.  Many of these companies have the same CEO known as Robert Lindley.
Frank is wondering what I am wondering-who are really being watched?  Suspected perps or us?  Are dossiers about questionable citizens being written in preparation for New World Order?  Leave a comment.  Love to hear your thoughts and views.

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Anonymous said...

would make a commit but the FBI is watching!!!

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