Monday, December 1, 2014

Conspiracy Theory: Illuminati in Pop Culture

I was listening to one of my favorite radio hosts, Alan Parks of Conspiracy Queries, while walking my dog yesterday.  The podcast inspired me to blog about brainwashing used in the music world.  As mentioned on the show, there are way too many award shows.  There used to be the Grammy, the Oscar, the Emmy, and the Globe.  You can count the Cleo if you like advertising.  Now we have an award for just about every kind of music and TV show.  I once loved to watch these shows, looking especially forward to the glamour of the celebrities.  Today it's overkill.  The guest on the radio show, book store owner (Conspiracy Culture in Canada), made some incredibly interesting points, two of them I want to share and elaborate on.
1. Today's hit music is used to brainwash the youth.  
People claimed music was the devil's work back in the days when jazz came onto the scene and then when Elvis the Pelvis rose to stardom.  What makes today any different from the past?  Most of today's songs come from half of a dozen song writers.  Max Martin is the most famous.  He's a 43 year old Swede who hit the big time back in the '90s and still maintains his kingdom of hit music.  He has written and produced hit songs for just about everyone-Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, N Sync, Pink, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Jessie J, Christina Aguilara, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Kelly Clarkson, just to name a few.  He's had the 3rd most number one singles of all time (19 number one hits), only behind Paul McCartney (1st with 32 number one songs) and John Lennon (2nd with twenty-six number one songs).  And he's still young.  He's written 51 total top ten hits.
Many claim his hit songs are analogies, codes, and metaphors for slavery and mind control.  One example is inserted below.
Britney Spears's "Hold it Against Me", a Max Martin hit, tops them all in terms of Illuminati overload.  Pseudocultmedia says, "We also see another reference to the “good girl gone bad” motif, the sex kitten exploitation that happens to most female Illuminati slaves. At the beginning of the music video we have Britney dressed in white, and after her occult blood ritual is complete (we see the IV lines rip from her body as they spew neon coloured paint, AKA her blood, everywhere) we see the new Britney Spears, programmed, laced in black leather and ready to show her allegiance to her masters."

2. A sexy dance meant to hypnotize the audience in Fritz Lang's 1927 Metropolis movie has been showing up in music videos. The movie is about thinkers (elite) and workers (slaves) in a New World Order Society.  The character Maria is an android whose goal is to start a revolution among the workers.  Pop stars copy Maria's seductive/hypnotic dance performed from the movie, adding fuel to New World Order conspiracy theory.

Maria the robot performs the "Whore of Babylon" Dance in "Metropolis"

Beyonce as Maria the robot

This dance as well as the entire movie has masonic images, suggesting an elite, inner circle who runs the world.  Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga are some of the celebrities who have copied this dance.  For what purpose?  It's not likely that their fans are even aware of this old movie.  Is it some kind of initiation?  A masonic ritual or passage into elitism?  Is the dance meant to hypnotize or brain wash?  LEAVE A COMMENT-very curious!

As a New World Order conspiracy junkie this movie is on my MUST SEE list.  A review will soon follow.  Hope you enjoyed the post and it got you thinking next time you listen to music.  Special thanks to the fabulous Alan Parks and his guest!

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