Sunday, November 9, 2014

Movie Review: Gone Girl

Forced my husband to take me to the new movie Gone Girl last weekend, starring Ben Afleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Carrie Coon.  I did not read the book by Gillian Flynn.  Friends told me it moved too slow.  However, the story line sounded interesting, plus the movie people always tend to cut things out and speed things up.

For those of you who know nothing about the movie, it's basically a simple story about an unhappily married couple.  The wife, Amy, disappears on their fifth anniversary.  As the police investigate, the husband appears to have been involved in foul play.  Forensics show us a covered up blood stain and broken furniture that look staged with the goal of the appearance of a break-in.  The husband is having an affair with hot 20 year-old.  The wife's diary is found, describing him as a money-draining, cheating, abusing, good-for-nothing bum.  Despite the absence of a body, the husband is convicted of murder in the court of public opinion.  He fights back, getting a Johnny-Cochrane style attorney who wants to defend the husband.  The tables soon turn and we discover that the wife is not dead.  Without giving too much away, the plot took on many twists and turns.

My Review: I enjoyed this movie from start to finish.  All of the actors were brilliant.  The way the plot was laid out made me feel like I was spying on this couple's lives over sitting in a movie theatre.  The story reminded me of Fatal Attraction, Chinatown and Dial M for Murder, yet still seemed original.  The movie felt like the best of Alfred Hitchcock and Roman Polanski rolled up into one.
Emily Ratjakowski makes a small but noteworthy performance as Ben Affleck's girlfriend.  I predict she will become a big star-gorgeous woman.  She is currently on the cover of this month's Cosmo.

 Patrick Neil Harris's character added even more intrigue.  My only complaint is wanting to know his character a little more.  His back story was unfortunately rushed.  My husband, who hates thrillers and wanted to see Bill Murray/Melissa McCarthy in St. Vincent, even liked the movie.  This is my pick for best movie of the year and hope the Academy sees the value in a blockbuster hit.  Loved it and recommend that everyone pay the 10.00 or whatever the ticket price.  It's one of the few movies that is worth every penny. 5/5 Stars

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