Monday, September 8, 2014

Conspiracy Rant: ISIS-The Monster the U.S. Created

My blog fan and fellow conspiracy buff Frank Fontaine is on a roll.  He sent me some links that suggest ISIS is the U.S.'s Frankenstein, created as an excuse to invade Syria.  
Now why does the U.S. want to invade Syria?  Refresher course-A few years back al-Qaeda was fighting Assad and we backed al-Qaeda.  Call me naive, but two bad guys killing each other off is a good thing, right?  Word out on the street says that Syria's Assad was and is trading oil NOT on the U.S. dollar standard.  Not sure how they are trading it and how it is bartered, but U.S. feels deprived.  Russia is also involved.  Bankers who are part of the one world government are upset because the Middle East once again has thrown a wrench in their plans.
ISIS doing what they do best-hate.
Flashback-Our war with Iraq was obviously not about weapons of mass destruction or bin Laden (a Saudi who lived in Afghanistan) or even 911.  What it was about was trading oil NOT on the U.S. dollar standard.  This act alone is worse than all of the heads these monsters have ever lopped off.  The bankers also known as bangsters cannot handle losing power.
So where is Frank getting this information?  It's all over the Internet that U.S. and her allies (Qatar and Saudi Arabia) have funded ISIS with the goal of overthrowing Assad.  
Who are ISIS?  Many believe ISIS is really a shoot-off of al-Qaeda.  Hmm...., so if the U.S. and allies created ISIS, that would mean that they took al-Qaeda and turned them into a fiercer military.  So that would mean that the group of people our soldiers risked their lives over to fight in Afghanistan were now used for the purpose of fighting Assad.  Hmm...So our enemy over the last decade at some point became our army?  So who is our real enemy?  Why are so many news channels criticizing Obama for not going to war?  Why should be go to war?  Trust no one.  Love to hear your theory.

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Cyndi F said...

Honestly I just think the entire thing is sad, sad that we have to have a war, that are journalist are getting killed, sad that so many people are being killed, just plain sad, I dread watching the news any more.

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