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Conspiracy Theory: What was Stanley Kubrick Trying To Say?

I am a Stanley Kubrick geek-The Shining, Clockwork Orange, and Eyes Wide Shut are some of the masterpieces that showcase his brilliance.  I am proud to say that I paid $35.00 for an autographed picture of Malcolm MacDonald in A Clockwork Orange.  I also got a picture with Malcolm and me which sits on my desk. 
Kubrick was a genius with an I.Q. second only to Einstein.  Before hearing all of the whispers of what Kubrick's movies were actually about, I felt disorientated after watching some of his movies.  There was something about them that made no sense.  Just ask Stephen King who has publicly stated numerous times that Kubrick's portrayal of The Shining sucked bigtime. 
But despite Kubrick's odd cinematic shots, choppy continuity, and seemingly irrelevant symbols stuck 'randomly' in frames, part of you has to wonder if this was all done on purpose.  What was the real agenda of his films?  Many believe the real message has little to do with the actual movie.  The Shining is probably the best example because it deviates so far from the actual book.  I'm not the only one who wonders.  Lately, I've heard quite a bit about conspiracy theories surrounding Kubrick.  After listening to Alan Park's podcast of Conspiracy Queries (http://www.conspiracyqueries.com/ ), I felt compelled to share.
Alan had Jay Weidner as a guest.  Jay theorizes that Kubrick shot the footage of astronauts walking on the moon for the government.  He is not alone.  I've heard this theory before.  Weidner believes Kubrick went rogue on the U.S. government, causing him to move to England and refuse to fly on an airplane.  On a sidenote, Kubrick, a Jew, was obsessed with Hitler and German innovations during World War II.  He has been accused of being a Jewish anti-semite.
Kubrick's hidden messages might have caused his death.  Weidner insinuates that Kubrick was murdered while shooting his last movie, Eyes Wide Shut.  I've heard this many times before.  Officially, Kubrick died of a myocardial infarction while sleeping.
Room 237 is a documentary about The Shining and the symbolism behind the scenes.  A review will soon follow.

Kubrick's most famous quote: "Be suspicious of people who have, or crave, power." He added, "Never, ever go near power. Don't become friends with anyone who has real power. It's dangerous."

Here are some of the theories surrounding his movies:

Dr. Strangelove: A warning about fluoride
Clockwork Orange: Really about MK Ultra mind control
2001: A Space Odyssey: A Saturn Death Cult  (planet was Saturn and Warner Bros. made Kubrick change planet to Jupiter.  Why?), existence of aliens
The Shining: Classism, demonic evil, telepathy, oppression, abandoning the gold standard, Mayan Apocalypse
Full Metal Jacket: Military as gang, mental indoctrination
Eyes Wide Shut: Illuminati, orgies, pedophilia, sexual slavery, pagan worship  Ironically, Mick Jagger's girlfriend who just killed herself worked on the set of Eyes Wide Shut.

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