Thursday, March 13, 2014

TV Review: Believe

Believe, NBC's new paranormal thriller, aired last Monday at 9pm Central.  The show starts with an edge-of-your-seat action sequence of two different story lines. 

The first plot begins with foster parents of a little girl (Bo) driving down the road.  A car slams into them.  The parents almost expect it, as if they know people are after the girl.  The car flips over from the other driver banging into their car.  The foster mother and daughter crawl out of the car, but the foster father stays, trapped inside.  A woman checks to see if he is still alive and then snaps his neck.  The killer quickly finds the mother and girl and then kills the mother.  She almost kidnaps the girl, but is forced to pretend that she is a good Samaritan as others and an ambulance are gathered at the scene.  
The girl, Bo, is taken to the hospital by the ambulance.  Once she is admitted, the audience soon learns she has supernatural powers.  She causes a power outage while in a MRI machine and then tells one of the doctors about a future patient he will save.

The second story line is about a prisoner who has a priest for a visitor.  He thinks the priest wants to save him but quickly learns that the priest is there to help him escape.  There are strings attached.  The prisoner is forced into stealing the little girl out of the hospital. 
As the two stories merge, more action takes place.  Two separate groups of people, one representing good and one representing evil, need the girl for their agenda.  At the very end of the show the audience learns the connection between the prisoner and girl (Bo).  He is her biological father.  I really liked everything about this show.  Great story, acting, action, and special effects.  I hope the rush continues. Leave a comment.  Curious to what you think! 5/5 Stars

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