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Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Bella Bue

In honor of Miley Cryus’s music video, “Wrecking Ball,” Michigan’s Grand Valley State University had no choice but to remove their wrecking ball from the weight room.
“Too many Cryus impersonations,” said Fox News.
According to Huffington Post, last year Justin Bieber was busted for smoking marijuana. The Twitter community decided to play a sick joke and talk his fans into cutting themselves as a form of protesting against Bieber’s arrest. This was the beginning to #cutsforbieber.
The media brainwashes people. This is a society where pop-stars are gods, where smoking is cool and where reliable news stations are overruled by Twitter. However, conspiracy author Dina Rae takes this to the next level with all four of her novels: The Last Degree, Halo of the Damned, Halo of the Nephilim, and Bad Juju.
The Last Degree is a conspiracy novel I wrote to show my mistrust in the government,” said Rae. “It is the foundation of all my conspiracy theories.”
The author’s mistrust in the government holds strong throughout all of her novels, creating a unique Christian-conspiracy-horror genre.
I believe big business and corporations are evil,” said Rae. “Freshmen year in college, I took a journalism class and learned the ins and outs of advertising. Although advertising has persuasive techniques,  I consider them brainwashing.”
For the sake of a brief synopsis, Halo of the Damned and its sequel, Halo of the Nephilim, are about antagionist Andel who takes the average person to the dark side, using his advertisement company. Drug addict Joanna is left to save the day. However there is a catch-Andel and Joanna are both nephilims.
Nephilims are from the book of Enoch,” Rae said. “They are fallen angels because they disobeyed God and mated with humans. This half-human-half angel breed is real.  There is plenty of evidence to support this.”
The author cleverly disguises Andel, the leader of an advertising chain, as a dark angel. As for Joanna, she represents the conspiracist who is out to get the bad guy. However, she is masked as an addict to symbolize the stereotypical view point on conspiracists.
Halo of the Damned and Halo of the Nephilim are intended to be horror books-not conspiracy,” Rae said. “However, as a conspiracist, I can’t help but throw the message out. Media is indeed brainwashing society.”
Dina Rae’s books have an even bigger message rather than mistrust of the government. For instance, they are all religious based with a thriller twist.
I’ve always been curious on how easy it would be for the devil to possess someone who wasn’t completely stable,” Rae said.
Bad Juju is about Henry, an autistic boy, on a church mission trip to Hati. Henry ends up getting voodoo-ed by the Haitians and only one thing can un-possess him.
Bad Juju is a fictional story but has a lot of truth about the way Voodoo works. I’ve heavily research the topic,” Rae said.
Dina Rae’s goal is to not convert people through her Christian horror books, but to show the world that bad is out there just as much as the good.
As a Christian I believe the devil is just as real as God,” Rae said. “My books are not meant to showcase demons as glorious, but to show that wickedness is still powerful.”
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