Monday, October 21, 2013

Conspiracy Theory: Mind Control by Dina Rae

It's been a while since I've published one of my crazy conspiracy theories.   Let me back up one month-Washington D.C., Navy Yard.  Anyone remember?  Another shocking tragedy. My prayers go out to the families.  We can all agree that it's not fair. Religion aside, we can also agree it's pure evil.
The media didn't go hog-wild with this story.  Are they making an effort to tone down the exposure?  No more rockstar murderers? Hope I don't see the shooter on the cover of The Rolling Stone
However, this shooting left me with a gnawing feeling deep within the pit of my stomach.  Could this be another example of a real Manchurian candidate?  Mind control? Practice for something massive?  Before you dismiss me as a typical crackpot, read me out:

1) Aaron Alexis, the 34 year old contractor, had no motive to kill 12 people.
2) Aaron Alexis wandered from building to building without a specific target.
3) He claimed to hear voices.
4) He conveniently died in a gun battle with police.

I use Grammarly for proofreading because eye like to rite, but don't like to Miss Spell. 

Fort Hood, John Lennon, Columbine, Gabbie Giffords, Boston Marathon, Newtown, DC Sniper, Northern Illinois University, Norwegian Freemason, Batman III Killer...  The list gets longer each year. Why so many random shootings?  Is it true?  Do suicidal people want to go out with a bang of horror?  This growing list makes me wonder.

My suspicions were confirmed after listening to one of my favorite radio shows, The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett (I was lucky enough to be his guest!).   His show scratched the gnawing feeling inside.  I wasn't alone in my suspicions.  The topic was mind control.  He even mentioned the Navy Yard shooting in the intro. He offered a somewhat plausible explanation of how and why this is constantly happening.  

His guests were Roseanne Barr, Cathy O'Connor, and her husband, Mark Phillips.  Roseanne Barr had a great deal to say about the brainwashing of Hollywood and brainwashing in general.  The prime subject was the MK Ultra Program.  Cathy, author of Trance-Formation of America and Access Denied, claimed to be a survivor of mind control.
Syrett and his guests blamed the government, but others believe mind control is much more nefarious.  Some go as far as accrediting aliens for knowledge.  Farfetched?  Stay with me.

Psychologists figured out decades ago that an abused child is easy to condition.  Because of Dissociative Disorder, the brain compartmentalizes.  This allows one part of the brain to easily fall into the power of suggestion while the other parts of the brain are seemingly unaware of the implanted information.  
The perfect victim for mind control is also the victim of incest, rape, physical torture, beatings, or anything horrible.  The brain splinters.  Hypnosis is one of the ways the handler uses to implant suggestive thoughts inside of his/her candidate.  

So why bother with all of this?  Why not pay or threaten someone to kill for you?  The Nazis were very advanced in mind control.  Dr. Mengele was the primary architect of the Monarch Project, a research program that was taken over by the CIA.  Supposedly, the U.S. hid thousands of Nazis underground in South America to continue their study (Paperclip) and supposedly thousands of children were snatched off of the streets to provide them with human test subjects.  Thoughts and views?  Love to read your thoughts!
I use Grammarly for proofreading because I don't like to repeat myself so I use Grammarly for proofreading.  


Ronda Tutt said...

This is such an interesting topic - Mind control - I call it brain washing. I didn't realize brain washing was going on until I left home and went to college and noticed the different environments around me and of course took a course in Anthropology and psychology - LOL I highly recommend everyone take those two courses and it will open your eyes and your brain to other things around you.

I wonder myself also if that shooter was somehow put up to do those random kills, I mean if the guy was hearing voices you'd think he would kill himself to stop it but no he knows his way around the ship yard and starts killing. His brain is working, I mean he made it to work - it took some sort of sense to find his way to work.

If he was hearing voices than who's voice was he hearing - some brain washing had to be going on and I personally think it was some organization with an agenda out to destroy gun laws.

I personally believe it was some idiots from the democratic party who set this in motion but then if I say that then someone is going to say I am some conspiracy nut - well maybe I am, I think this goes further than brainwashing, I think it goes all the way to the white house to the idiot known as our president. It is his and all the socialist ideology to take the guns from the citizens so no one will have the power to fight back when they completely turn this country into a socialistic country or into a dictatorship ruined country. Sorry but that's how I feel.

I'm not even Republican and I feel that way. I'm not even a religious nut and I feel that way.

But as far as brainwashing goes, it has been happening for years and if the truth be told, a lot of religious organizations use it and that's why some of them seem so far fetched in their views and why we have so many different sects out there - I mean think about it - even the Muslim colt brainwashes their members into thinking everyone is an infidel if they are not converted to their beliefs and they must kill them. They literally believe they will be rewards 100's of virgins if they kill themselves - I mean, why not just settle for one (chauvinistic pigs)- LMAO!

What I'm saying is if the religious sects are using this method which works then why not our corrupted government.

I don't put anything past them. Everyone is out to gain something and some will do anything to get what they want.

Funny thing is - those people think most Americans are really stupid. Common sense tells us that those individuals who did the killings were not legal gun owners and did not have a license to have such weapons.

The problem then does not lie with the gun and legal gun owners, it lies with the individuals selling the weapons on the black market illegally or with the thieves. Also guns don't kill people, people kill people.

So protect yourselves - you never know when an idiot will pop into your neighbor hood or who will be brainwashed to the point of murder.

Good topic to discuss.

BLCSDina said...

Thanks for stopping by, Ronda-great comment-couldn't agree more! Dina Rae

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