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Miracles with Vitamins? Best-selling Author Jeff Bowles Tells All

Thanks so much, Jeff Bowles, for being my guest again! A lot has happened since you've guested on my blog. For one, you are a very serious author-best-selling! What is it about your health books that seem to resonate with so many readers?

Hi, Dina.  Thanks so much for having me back.  Yours is my favorite blog for interviews.  I think the reason most of my health books seem to resonate with readers is because I am offering them real concrete cures for many ailments that doctors and Big Pharma can't cure ( or don't want to).  It's not like I say something like take Vitamin D3 in high doses to cure say asthma and leave it at that. I take the time to explain the facts and the theory from an evolutionary perspective to a bio-mechanical one as to why the therapy should work. I then mention the case studies that show it has worked.  At this point in time, it's a small number due to the newness of the protocols I am promoting and also due to the fact that the things I promote cannot be patented, thus will not be tested by Big Pharma since there is no money there.  Finally, I actually tested everything on myself and reported the effects back to my readers so they know what to expect. (For example mega dosing with Vitamin D3 or melatonin for over a year). I don't think there are many doctors or sceintists willing to do that these days.

What makes your health books different from other health books?

My books are definitely outside of current mainstream thinking.  For instance, I recommend that people with chronic conditions take what many doctors think are dangerously high doses of vitamin D3.  The one thing that is different about my books is that I get emails all the time from people who have cured one disease or another with high dose D3. 
For example, I just got an email from Ms. Larson about how she has completely cured her life threatening COPD.  She thought it would kill her.  It took just 11 weeks of taking 80,000 IU of d3 a day. You can see her review at the Amazon booksite for my D3 book. There are many others: a lady with Lupus said it cured her skin conditions, a lady who had Chrone's disease for 50 years + was cured after 7 months-asthma, psoriasis, acne, MS, arthritis, you name it.  Oops, I'm wandering away from the question. In addition to ignoring mainstream conventional thinking, my D3 book relies on evolutionary logic to explain why a treatment will work. You see D3 is not a vitamin, but a hormone your skin makes when the sun hits it that tells you summer is here and then goes ahead and burns energy.  Food is plentiful; be happy. When you don't get the Sunshine signal, your body expects a winter freeze/famine.  It gets you ready to hunker down during the winter and wait out the famine.  You overeat, get depressed, and get ailments that will keep you housebound so you don't wander off into the snow and burn all your energy and starve to death.  I call these syndromes the Human Hibernation Syndrome, the Incomplete Repair Syndrome, and the new one is the Human Antifreeze Syndrome (this one explains sugar in the blood, high blood pressure, and salt craving as a defense that evolution has given us to prevent our tissues from getting frozen damage from our water crystallizing into little daggers and puncturing all our cells.) The bottom line is logic.  Almost all common diseases are just manifestations of the Human Hibernation or Incomplete Repair Syndromes.  These diseases exist because we do not get enough of the sunshine signal vitamin d3, especially since doctors have been telling us to wear sunscreen and avoid the sun since the 1980's.
I have another book on how to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease.

Jeff, thanks again!  You are one of my sources for my upcoming conspiracy book on Big Pharma.  Always a fan!

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