Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Conspiracy Theory: Is Martial Law the End Game to Border Problem?

Good ol' Frank Fontaine, a fan of this blog, just emailed me another conspiracy theory.  He believes that this border snafu is really just a sneaky way of enacting martial law and snuffing out the 2nd Amendment.  He is not alone.  Along with the email came a link from Glen Beck's website explaining how this may play out.

Before mentioning some of the possible scenarios on how martial law can come into play, there are many theories out there about why the illegals are coming here to begin with.  I think it's fair to say that they are not here because of George Bush's obscure legislation of 2008.  Yes, six years after this act, Central Americans scoured the US Constitution, taking advantage of this little morsel of information.  This has to be the reason there is an exodus of hundreds of thousands of people-NOT!
Does our government really think that we are that stupid?   Governor Rick Perry has publicly stated that this has to be the result of something much more nefarious.  Some feel he insinuates that Obama himself has organized this border problem.  After all, he was a community organizer.  The community is just expanding. Other conspiracy theories claim that the Democrats are in this together because the illegals will help out them during election time. If you go even deeper, New World Order has made its first official move on the chessboard of the globe.  In 2012 I wrote about this problem in my book The Last Degree.  Token gestures opposed to real action is the plan with no boundaries or borders in place.  So what's the difference if they are here now or later?  A one world government will soon be installed.  

Ways to parlay this into martial law:
1) As we all have seen on TV, there are protesters at some of these border towns.  The Americans are getting very angry.  Anger can easily turn to violence, creating the perfect excuse to enact martial law.
2) Some of the illegals coming in are violent, wreaking havoc which, in turn, results in martial law.
3) Some of the illegals have viruses.  The quarantines that will be funded by the US tax payers will invite even more protesters, setting the stage for martial law.
4) Police, with the help of citizens, protect the boundaries of their towns, firing when necessary which results into a permanent revocation of the 2nd Amendment.  Again, martial law.
5) Nothing is done.  The illegals keep coming in.  The U.S. keeps taking care of them.  They go on Obamacare without paying for a policy.  Protesters get tired because they are alone.  We as a nation have become too politically correct to help out.  Middle-class gets taxed even more.

What scenario do you think will happen?
And Frank, keep on emailing me with your conspiracies.  I think I'm falling in love with you:)  Readers, feel free to comment or drop me an email with your conspiracy theories.

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